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Central Avenue

Address: 54 & 141 Central, Waterbury, CT 06702
Property Type: Multi-family (4 units or less)
Total Units: 8
Unit Sizes: 1BR, 2BR, 3BR
Amenities & Services: W/D Hookups, ADA Adapatable

AMI Units: 25%, 50%, 60%
Funders: Healthy Homes, HOME, Wells Fargo, HTCC
Total Development Cost: $1.1 million
Estimated Completion: 2019

The Central Avenue Apartments Project is an 8-unit, rehabilitation development located in the Hillside Neighborhood of Waterbury, Connecticut. The development site consists of two buildings comprising a 6-unit multifamily building and a 2-unit multifamily building. Rehabilitation will include roofs, kitchens, bathrooms, mechanicals, flooring, lighting/plumbing fixtures, etc.

Central Avenue Apartments is located one block from the City Center and, as such, is in close proximity to the retail, commercial and cultural center of Waterbury. This neighborhood was chosen due to its proximity to the Central Business District and for its potential to provide significant impact through strategic investment.

The program is guided by a local Board of Managers. The board is made up of neighborhood residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders including representatives from the YMCA, Mattatuck Museum, Harold Webster Smith Foundation, Historic Hillside Neighborhood Association, and a neighborhood law firm. The first project developed in this program is the Gaffney Place Project which was completed in 2015 as a complete street revitalization effort combining homeownership housing rehabilitation with streetscape and other public improvements.

The rehabilitation of the Central Avenue Apartments is congruous with the Hillside Neighborhood’s NRZ Plan and is supported by existing collaborative work performed by MHA in conjunction with the City of Waterbury, Waterbury Development Corporation, CT Department of Housing and the Harold Webster Smith Foundation.

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