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Our Staff

President & CEO

Tom Cruess, President & CEO
203-562-4514 x 113


Compliance Management

Clara Izaguirre, Compliance Manager
203-562-4514 x 138

Carmen Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant
203-562-4514 x 134



Dave Purvis, Corporate Counsel
203-562-4514 x 142

Felicia Melvin, Legal Admin



Arlene Lawrence, CFO
203-562-4514 x 116

Tricia Nevard, Assistant Controller
203-562-4514 x 111

Sebiena Davis, Revenue Coordinator
203-562-4514 x 103

Prissila Yong, Corporate Accountant
203-562-4514 x 132

Manston Totimeh, Portfolio Accountant
203-562-4514 x 141

Antonio Torres Arroyo, Portfolio Accountant

Hussam Stanekzai, Portfolio Accountant
203-562-4514 x 139


Real Estate Development

Aaron Hoffmann
Director of Real Estate Development
203-562-4514 x 106

Michael Crumpton
Project Manager
203-562-4514 x 108

Gillian Basilicato
Jr. Project Manager
203-562-4514 x 133


Property Management

Wendy Au, Property Manager
203-562-4514 x 114

Isabel Cruz, Property Manager
203-562-4514 x 102

Kenya Wright, Assistant Property Manager
203-562-4514 x 107

Jesseri Estrada, Administrator of Property Management

Judy Barratt, Property Manager

Marci Crompton, Property Manager
203-909-7587 (Mobile)
860-495-2282 (Office)


To report a work order or emergency 24/7, please call 1-866-623-0416 for assistance


Maintenance Department

Peter Wood
Director of Facilities

David Pagan
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

Rafael Diaz
Maintenance Technician

Philip Lincoln
Maintenance Technician (Spruce)

Gilberto Collazo
Maintenance Technician

Manuel Ixcaya
Maintenance Technician (New Haven)

Armando Santiago
Maintenance Technician

Eduardo Rosario
Maintenance Technician

Carmelo Ramos
Maintenance Technician

Riley Speer
Maintenance Technician (Shelton and Ansonia)

Danny Lalaram
Maintenance Technician (Waterbury)

Johnny Rivera
Maintenance Technician

Jose Lopez
Interior Paint Specialist

Dilson Valencia
Housekeeping Specialist

Justin Bonilla Perez
Housekeeping Specialist

Janette Olivieri
Housekeeping Specialist

Janette Sanchez Lozada
Housekeeping Specialist


Community Development / Operations

Yves Galliotte
Director of Operations & Programs
203-562-4514 x 127

Charmay Silva Diaz
Office Manager / Receptionist
203-562-4514 x 109 & 110

Michelle Lee Rodriguez
Community Project Manager
203-562-4514 x 120

Samantha Taylor
Community Program Manager
203-562-4514 x 140

Ciarra Jennings
Community Project Coordinator
203-562-4514 X 105

Ewurabena Acquah
Community Project Coordinator

Aparna Patwardhan
Community Project Coordinator

Jose Santos
Certified Financial Counselor
203-562-4514 x 124

Mandy Gomez
Certified Financial Counselor & Content Manager
203-562-4514 x 104


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